“Working with Empower Child Learning was a wonderful experience.  Meredith has the innate ability to connect with children and uncover their strengths and weakness in a meaningful way.”

“Despite the rigor, Meredith put my daughter at ease while she was assessed.  She was compassionate and professional throughout the process and took the time to get to know my daughter as a person and a learner.”

“Meredith completed thorough psychological and academic assessments that were knowledgeable and professional. The information gleaned from her report was instrumental in providing my child with comprehensive services for support.”

“I was more than pleased with the way both my child and myself were treated during the entire assessment process.  Not only was the Meredith caring and compassionate, she was extremely knowledgeable.  As a parent, I appreciated her genuine concern and dedication to my child.”

“The results and recommendations helped me understand my child’s learning profile and next steps to take in order to promote my child’s future success. “

“My child and I both feel more empowered now that we have found what we were searching for.  We not only understand the information, we are able to articulate to results to others and utilize the information we received to help my child be successful.  I would absolutely recommend ECL to others.  Contact them today so you can empower yourself and your child.” 

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