We are hosting FREE monthly webinars for parents, educators or anyone who works with children. Topics will vary each month. Please check out the links below to register or replay webinars.

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Previous Webinars:

Anxiety in Children Webinar from 4/30/20

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ADHD in Children Webinar from 5/28/20

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Executive Functioning Q and A on 6/3/20

Empower Child Learning and Club Xcite cohosted an online event where we discussed all things Executive Functioning! Click below to learn about Executive Functioning (EF) assessments, how EF impacts learning, and ways to support EF deficits.

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Helping Parents with Disability Identification and Assessment during COVID-19 Webinar on 6/26

Empower Child Learning and Fusion Academy cohosted a webinar event that was on 6/26 at 9am. Parents can learn about disability identification, the difference between adjusting to a routine or signs suspected disability in children and the psychoeducational assessment process at school and through a Licensed Educational Psychologist.

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Demystifying Dyslexia: Identification, Assessment, and Treatment

Empower Child Learning’s Licensed Educational Psychologist, Meredith Gleason, and Learning for All’s Founder and Dyslexia expert, Rachel Herman, teamed up to talk to the community about Dyslexia, the most commonly diagnosed learning disability. In this webinar they discuss more about what Dyslexia is, how it impacts the brain and learning from preschool through adulthood. Hear about the evidenced-based practices for assessing and treating Dyslexia. Identification and intervention for Dyslexia can not only build a student’s reading skills, but their confidence and self-esteem! There is a Q and A at the end.

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How To Help Your Student Navigate Stress This Fall

Empower Child Learning’s Owner and Licensed Educational Psychologist, Meredith Gleason, recently did an interview with Club Xcite’s Executive Director Jocelyn Burke about how experiencing something traumatic can cause kids to respond to stress and trauma differently whether it be genetic or from past experiences. Parents need to understand how to help their kids based on the challenges they are having right now and how to identify common signs of trauma. Also, managing stress, creating structure and providing kids with the basic needs of sleep and nutrition are fundamental. Jocelyn and Meredith wrap up explaining how services like assessments, executive functioning, social-emotional learning, counseling and therapy can contribute to lower stress levels.

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Past Events

Live Events:

San Diego Family Fun Fest!
Join us for a FREE family event on February 9, 2020 from 10am to 1pm with games with prizes, bounces houses, zip lining, giant connect four, and more!  ECL will have a booth with a game and prizes for kids of all ages. While you child plays a game make sure to ask ECL about what we do to identify and support students with unique learning needs!

Mindfulness and Money Event!

Join us for a workshop and resource fair on March 28, 2020 with Club Xcite, Station Co-Lab, and Mindfulness 4 Youth to educate families about mindfulness and financial health! Click below for tickets! Empower Child Learning will have a FREE executive functioning survey and results, a raffle prize of a FREE standard executive function assessment and intervention recommendations and more at our booth. Come check us out and see how we can help EMPOWER your child!

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